Family donates organs of cop turned away by hospitals

Family donates organs of cop turned away by hospitals

Sub-inspector Balraj A

When Balraj A, a 59-year-old cop, collapsed at his residence due to a haemorrhage, his family didn't know that it was just the beginning of an ordeal.

They had to make several rounds of hospitals to treat the sub-inspector, who was finally declared brain-dead. However, the family donated his liver and corneas.

Balraj, a sub-inspector working in the Police Commissioner's office in Bengaluru, had fallen unconscious at his residence in Kammanahalli on September 26. The family made a dash to different hospitals in search of neurosurgeons and ventilator to treat the officer.

He was taken to a local hospital which referred them to the Fortis Hospital on Cunningham Road, which did not have a neurosurgeon. Later they were referred to the hospital's Bannerghatta branch. On their way, the family even enquired at Nimhans, which did not have a vacant bed with ventilator. Finally, when Balraj was brought to the Fortis Hospital on Bannerghatta Road, the doctors there declared him brain-dead.

Balraj's son Prem Kumar said they could have taken him to the nearest hospital having all the facilities, but were made to run around the city.

“My father had hypertension and diabetes. He had collapsed after vomiting. Every minute was precious. However, by the time he got treatment, he was declared brain-dead. The doctors at the hospital suggested organ donation, which we were unaware of. Obliging to the request, we donated his organs,” Prem Kumar said.

Balraj's liver and corneas were given to needy beneficiaries.