Five more cases against arrested land-grabber

Five more cases against arrested land-grabber

After the police raided and arrested notorious land-grabber Mirle Varadaraj, they have received five more complaints against him.

The police said Varadaraj forged documents to usurp land in the city. He filed nearly 80 cases using disputed documents and is facing 10 criminal cases.

The police caught Varadaraj while acting on a complaint from a woman in Nagarabhavi with the Annapoorneshwari Nagar police station. The woman owned a site in Vinayaka Layout,  allotted to her by the Vinayaka House Building Society.

Varadaraj sent rowdies to obstruct construction after she received the nod for the building plan from the BBMP. The woman approached the Lokayukta when no action was taken on her police complaint.

In July, Lokayukta Justice P Vishwanath Shetty ordered the police to submit a report on October 4. The deadline passed without communication from the police, prompting Justice Shetty to once again direct the police to submit a report on December 12. The Lokayukta later said the action taken by the police was satisfactory.

“The police submitted a report and briefed me about the progress in the investigation. They raided the premises of the accused and seized incriminating documents. Since the complainant has got the immediate remedy, she can now continue with the construction work,” the Lokayukta said.

Complaint not closed

He also said the complaint has not been closed since he asked the police to submit an action-taken report.

While searching Varadaraj’s residence, the police stumbled on a wardrobe stacked with property documents, said to be worth several hundred crores.

The city police said Varadaraj faces 20 land grab cases, of which he could be acquitted in a few. “Five more cases have been reported and the complaints have been referred to the respective jurisdictional police. The documents seized have been verified,” Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Alok Kumar said.