Flower, fruit prices skyrocket on festival eve

Flower, fruit prices skyrocket on festival eve

People gather in large numbers at Malleswaram on Thursday to purchase fruits and flowers on the eve of the Varamahalakshmi festival. Vehicular movement was exceptionally slow. DH PHOTO/Srikanta Sharma R

The prices of fruits and flowers have almost doubled on the eve of the Varamahalakshmi festival, leaving shoppers worried about the expenses.

Scores of shoppers hit the Malleswaram market to buy a variety of products from heavy garlands to decorative material for homes, all in high demand a day before the festival.

Prices of flowers have gone up multi-fold. "Lotus is a must for this festival. I had to pick up at least five pairs. Each of them is priced at Rs 60. This is a high price for an essential," said Radhika Gowda, a shopper in Malleswaram.

The prices of other flowers like jasmine, chrysanthemum and rose also shot up.

Jasmine, which is usually priced around 300 a kilo during the non-festive days, was sold for as high as Rs 1,800 a kilo here. "There is an increased demand for flowers. However, there is a short supply in the market. Hence, the hike in the prices," explained Asha, a flower vendor.

The prices of fruits as well are skyrocketing. While banana was priced at Rs 80 per kilo, custard apple, which is grown primarily in this season, was priced at Rs 120 a kilo.

Other commodities that are the usual must buys for a festival, including coconut, was also priced high. "The starting price quoted for one coconut is as high as Rs 30. This is too high for a commoner," said Shanti, a local resident.

She also pointed out that she picked up a flower garland from the market for Rs 800. "Usually, I pay Rs 800 for a pair in the KR Market. Today, it was exactly double the price," Shanti said.

Vendors, however, blame the rain for dampening the festive spirits and cite it as a primary reason for inflation.


Pricey picks

Flowers (per kilo) 
Jasmine: Rs 1,800 
Shevanti (Chrysanthemum): Rs 380-400 
Kanakambra (firecracker flower): 1,400 
Rose: Rs 400 

Fruits (per kilo) 
Guava: Rs 60-80
Apple: Rs 150-160
Pomegranate: Rs 80
Mosambi: Rs 60-80




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