Gang barges into house, robs women of phones

A gang of six armed men barged into a house in central Bengaluru's Cubbonpet in broad daylight, attacked three women and snatched two mobile phones before taking to their heels. 

Vinitha had come visiting her mother for the preparation of a post-delivery ceremony when the gang barged in on February 4. Besides Vinitha and her mother, there was another woman in the house. Brandishing a knife, the gang threatened to kill the women if they refused to hand over valuables.

When one of the women put up resistance, the gang slashed her hand with a knife and ransacked the house for valuables. Dismayed at not finding anything, the gang snatched the mobile phones of Vinitha and her mother before sneaking out. The phones were worth Rs Rs 20,000. 

The women were treated at a hospital. They later filed a complaint at the jurisdictional Halasuru Gate police station. Police have opened a case and are reviewing the CCTV footage to identify the gang.

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Gang barges into house, robs women of phones


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