Girl, 11, dies enacting suicide scene in TV serial

Girl, 11, dies enacting suicide scene in TV serial


An 11-year-old girl was found hanging from the cloth hanger at home in Mallasandra in Bagalgunte on Monday night.

Pooja was last seen watching television and her family later found her hanging body. Police suspect that Pooja tried to recreate a suicide seen in a tele serial and ended up hanging herself.

Her death came to light when Pooja’s mother Sharadha checked on her at 9 pm. Pooja’s seven-year-old brother Namith Gowda was helping their parents prepare ‘Gobi Manchurian’ at the restaurant the family runs outside their home in Mallasandra.

Quoting the parents, a senior police official said Pooja was an active and sharp girl who did not have depression or suicidal tendencies. Pooja, a Class 5 student, was fond of watching television for long hours, as it was the summer holidays. She liked watching teleserials, a police officer said quoting her parents.

Her parents said Pooja bought curd from a nearby shop at 7 pm and began watching television after finishing dinner. When Sharadha came to check on her at 9 pm, she found Pooja hanging from a cloth holder fixed to the wall. She was hanging on a towel.

The towel had strangled her neck and Pooja’s legs were just brushing the floor, police said. She was rushed to a nearby hospital but was declared brought dead. The doctor confirmed it as a case of hanging with the ligature marks on her neck.

A police official added that the girl’s body bore no other injuries and there was no circumstantial evidence to suggest foul play.

The Bagalgunte police have taken up a case of unnatural death and are awaiting postmortem report to probe the case further.