Girl gets her lost bag back thanks to vegetable vendor

Girl gets her lost bag back thanks to vegetable vendor

Late cheers

Rajendra, the vegetable-vendor who returned the valuables.

This is one lost-and-found story that turned all the more sweet because of the flicker of hope it brought along with the new year.

On Monday night, Sonali R (name changed on request) was partying with her friends in Koramangala. The New Year’s Eve celebrations soon gave way to shock.

The teenager, while returning home with three of her friends, realised that she had lost her bag — containing her Dell laptop, charger, wallet that had credit cards, cash and an expensive mobile phone.

A miserable beginning, she thought.

It could have been, had it not for Rajendra and Sreedevi, a vegetable-vendor couple on a two-wheeler who spotted the bag while passing through Wind Tunnel Road.

Sonali, her friends and family were repeatedly calling on the mobile phone inside the bag when the bike-borne duo briefly stopped on the way to adjust their seating, and found the bag.

“I took the call and it was the girl’s father. We mentioned our location and later in the night, we handed over the bag to the girl’s father,” said Rajendra.

“It was, in fact, a good beginning to the new year. Sonali thought she had lost all her valuables. It was sheer luck that a good Samaritan like Rajendra and wife returned her belongings. We don’t see such things happening every day. If not for them, she would have lost a lot of money,” said a friend who had accompanied Sonali.

“A lot of people prey on others for money. This act on a day like this has reinforced our faith in mankind,” said the girl’s father.