Greens see red over footpath work on Cubbon Road

Greens see red over footpath work on Cubbon Road

A footpath along Cubbon Road, reduced almost by half its original size to facilitate laying of the cycle track.

Working on the development of Cubbon Road, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike almost triggered a scare among green warriors.

The work has reduced the width of the existing footpath by almost half, leaving the tall trees right in the middle of the road to be widened. 

Activists fear the Palike would silently axe these trees for widening the road.

"It was like slow poison. Any direct attempt to cut trees would result in a huge public backlash. Hence, the BBMP might have thought of allowing the public to witness the inconvenience caused on the stretch and subsequently get permission to cut the trees. Rather than waking up in the last hour, it would be better if we confront civic officials about their plan," Devare D T, a tree activist with the Bangalore Environmental Trust, told DH

But the BBMP has sought to allay these fears and maintained it was only redesigning the footpath and facilitating the laying of a cycle track along the stretch.

S Somashekar, chief engineer, Road Infrastructure, BBMP, explained: "The footpath along Cubbon Road will be remodelled along the lines of MG Road and Church Street. We will not harm trees in any way as they do not come in the way of our work."

The forest wing of the BBMP attested Somashekar's statement. "We have not received any request from the road infrastructure department to cut down the trees along Cubbon Road," said Chola Raj, deputy conservator of forest, BBMP.