Ground survey of Jayanagar properties from next month

Ground survey of Jayanagar properties from next month

Up close: The drone and door-to-door surveys will be carried out simultaneously. File photo

Six months after carrying out a drone survey of private properties in Jayanagar, revenue officials are set to start a physical evaluation of each landholding in the upscale neighbourhood next month. 

Last July, the Survey, Settlement and Land Records Department and the Survey of India had drone-surveyed 5,000 properties in the Pattabhiramanagar ward and prepared maps and drawings. A few days later, a sample drone survey was conducted on rural properties in the neighbouring Ramanagara district. 

Karnataka is the first state to use drones for surveying urban and rural properties. Maharashtra is in the process of signing an agreement for a drone survey of urban properties while Haryana, too, has shown interest. 

Taking about the door-to-door survey, an official in the Revenue Department said it was necessary to cross-check the images obtained through the aerial (drone) survey and that it would help remove 10-20% errors that could creep in. 

“Physical surveyors will measure the boundaries of each property and verify the details available with the owners. They will also collect ownership details to issue property ID cards,” the official added. 

The door-to-door survey was to start months earlier but political considerations held it up. It was then postponed to December-end but that would not be possible either as many property owners might not be available because of Christmas holidays, the official said. 

This apart, the two government agencies are in the process of signing a memorandum of understanding to conduct drone surveys of properties in the whole of Bengaluru and in Ramanagara, Tumakuru, Hassan, Uttara Kannada and Belagavi districts in January. 

The MoU, drafted by the Survey of India, talks about drone-surveying 51,000 square kilometres in Bengaluru and the five districts. A pilot survey has been for 3-4 square kilometres. 

Under this project, which has been approved by the state cabinet, the drone survey will start in 60 BBMP wards in southern Bengaluru and later in Ramanagara. The project will take 17 months and cost Rs 76 crore. The Survey of India will bear the equipment and expertise cost. 

The drone and door-to-door surveys will be carried out simultaneously and property owners will be notified in advance about the inspection and the locations. 

The drone survey maps will be verified with the records of the Revenue Department and the Survey of India. The door-to-survey will then follow it.