Havyak Sammelan showcases unique customs

Havyak Sammelan showcases unique customs

Presenting a blend of tradition and modernity with a variety of exhibits, antiques and culinary treats, the ongoing second Vishwa Havyak Sammelan at Palace Grounds turned out to be a big crowd puller. The Sammelan on Sunday — the final day — is expected to attract over 50,000 people.

With modernity overtaking the traditional occupations of the community and many migrating towards urban centres, the Sammelan has several exhibitions showcasing the tradition and evolution of the community dating several centuries.

To give an insight into the community’s tradition and help the new generation understand the history of the community, several exhibitions were organised.

Explaining the importance of homa, as many as 75 different types of homa kundas were set up at the venue. More than 100 expert chefs have been showcasing the culinary skills of the community by cooking traditional dishes unique to the community. Articles predominantly used by the community in agriculture have also been displayed. A traditional jaggery-making process was also displayed at the venue to let people understand the age-old system.

The organisers told DH that the first day of the event saw approximately 30,000 people followed by 35,000 on Saturday. “We are expecting more than 50,000 people on the last day (Sunday) of the summit,” said one of the organisers. The event was also a huge hit among children with a variety of traditional games and storytelling sessions organised as part of the Sammelan.