HC deposits claim funds with banks

HC deposits claim funds with banks

The statutory deposits amounting to Rs 100 crore were lying idle with the court. The bank interest accrued on the deposit will also be given to the parties, the CJ said at the Repubic Day function in the High Court on Wednesday.

The CJ said the court infrastructure provided by the state government was not satisfactory and it would be in the interest of the Judiciary if the government took steps to upgrade the infrastructure. He emphasised on better infrastructure and application of technology to speed up justice delivery.

Justice Khehar said the Grameen Nyayalaya (rural courts) set up by the Union government was benefiting the litigant public in a huge way.

Musical programme

In another programme organised by Advocates Association of Bangalore, Justice A S Pachhapure along with Registrar General Budhihal and others sang patriotic songs.

After a Kannada patriotic song ‘Navu Bharatiyaru,’ (We are Indians) Justice Pachhapure, also sang a song in praise of Basavanna at the event held for the first time by the Association.

Justice H Billappa’s humour-lased performance and a satire on the life of an advocate left everyone laughing including the Chief Justice. Many advocates too showcased their talents during the event which went on for about two hours.