Hepatitis vaccination for policemen

Hepatitis vaccination for policemen

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About 100 policemen, including the city police commissioner, were given the three-shot Hepatitis B vaccine by Fortis Hospital on Friday.  

Police Commissioner T Suneel Kumar said: "There is a large number of Hepatitis cases in India and we need to bring in immediate action to arrest the spread of this disease. The Bengaluru police department completely supports this drive for the betterment of society."

Viral Hepatitis has affected around 52 million people in the country and is considered as a serious public health problem in India by the World Health Organisation. Considering the alarming number of cases and the effect it has on a person's health, the government is focusing on managing Viral Hepatitis, under the National Viral Hepatitis Control Programme.

The hospital aims to provide support and encourage and expand the coverage of Adult Hepatitis Vaccination in India.

Dr Sreenivasa D, consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist, Fortis Hospitals, said: "Hepatitis is known to be a silent killer. Hepatitis B, for instance, is highly contagious. Even a minimal amount of blood is known to transmit this infection. Despite high prevalence, in India, the awareness regarding the Hepatitis vaccination is very low, which is why the penetration of vaccine among the public is taking a longer duration. Moreover, amid their busy lifestyles, people tend to ignore health check-ups and timely vaccinations. This can lead to serious liver diseases like cirrhosis and cancer."