Here’s an app to test hearing loss

Here’s an app to test hearing loss

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) will launch a smartphone app to help users detect hearing loss. The app — which would test the hearing levels of individuals — is said to be an important tool, especially since early detection is vital to treat hearing loss. The theme for this year is “check your ears”.

“The hearWHO app is based on the digits-in-noise hearing screening technology,” the WHO said.

“The screening presents three digits over background noise, to which you are prompted to respond. The screening determines your signal to noise ratio, which is indicative of your hearing ability.

“Should you not receive a favourable outcome from this screening, you should seek medical attention from a health care professional,” the agency further added. Users have to identify and type 23 series of three digits and the app would decide the possible hearing loss based on the response. The test takes about two minutes on an average.

WHO would launch the app to observe the World Hearing Day on March 3. It will be available both in IOS and Android app stores.

“It is a very basic test with which you can test yourself. This might not be the most accurate figure but tells one if there is a need to see a doctor,” said Dr Dhanpal, president, Indian Medical Association, Bengaluru.

He noted that hearing loss could occur while taking medications for tuberculosis, streptomycin, gentamycin and also due to non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

The SGS Vagdevi Centre for Rehabilitation and Communication Impaired, in collaboration with Nayak’s Hearing Centre, is organising a walkathon on March 3. The walk will start from SGS Vagdevi Centre in Girinagar at 8 am.