Here’s how you can take part in tree census

Here’s how you can take part in tree census

The Institute of Wood Science and Technology (IWST) has called for volunteers to take part in the three-year census.

The volunteers would be a part of ward-level teams formed by the institute to take up the massive field project to count every tree species in the roads and streets within the BBMP jurisdiction.

Teachers and students from science background, especially with botany as a subject, can register on

The BBMP has earmarked Rs 4.3 crore for the project in its 2019-20 budget. It awarded the project to IWST after scrutinising its report on the methodology of tree census it had presented.

“Volunteers will be trained and provided with manuals, audio and visual materials to train others,” IWST said in a release. “A mobile app will be developed for feeding the collected data and uploading the same to the BBMP server.”

Registration is open till December 31.