Hiriyara Jaatre: a fair dedicated to elders

Hiriyara Jaatre: a fair dedicated to elders

hiriyara jatra

Over 200 elders from senior citizen homes across the city will come together on June 3 to socialise and relax as part of Hiriyara Jaatre (Elders Fair), an initiative by a city-based group.

Organised by the Volunteer For A Cause (VFC), the event aims to support senior citizens and create awareness about abuse against elders in society.

"The preparations have been going on since the last one month wherein our volunteers are helping elders, who are mostly over the age of 60 and are interested in learning some dance steps and songs which they will perform on the day of the fair," said Kiran H, a mechanical engineer and coordinator of the event.

"This is the second time that the fair is being organised and all the elders are very excited about it. At least for a day, they will be able to set aside their loneliness and worries and enjoy a day dedicated to them," said Surendra Krishnan, founder of VFC

The fair will begin early in the day with breakfast, talent show by the elders, skits, interactions and games followed by goodies gifted to them by the volunteers.

"We held medical camps at old age homes and realised that most of the elderly are vulnerable to depression. Hence, we planned to conduct an event like this to make a difference in their lives," added Kiran.

"Our greatest gift is the smile on their faces and hope for the next event," said Krishnan.