Hold molesters until we come, city cops say

Hold molesters until we come, city cops say

One of the molesters whose photo was taken by Nandkumar. Photo: Facebook/arjun.nandkumar
The Facebook message, posted on Saturday, has since gone viral

A software engineer has launched a social media campaign to "shame" the "useless" Bengaluru police who were of no help when his female colleague was sexually harassed by four drunk men in broad daylight on Old Airport Road. 

Arjun Nandkumar, working in a private firm in Diamond District on Old Airport Road, narrated the incident in a Facebook post using the hashtag 'UselessBengaluruPolice'.

"Four drunk men were standing right in front of a bar which is on our way back to the office on Friday. One of them suddenly groped one of my colleagues and she responded by slapping him on the face. As she was from North India, she couldn't understand the local language and I stepped in to ask them what actually happened. They started pulling my T-shirt and tore it. Even after being guilty of sexually harassing a girl, they had the guts to start a fight with me defending themselves (sic)."

Nandkumar fought back but the men overpowered him. They fled the scene when they saw one of his colleagues calling the police. He and his colleagues managed to click the pictures of two of the men and uploaded them to Facebook.

"We also tried reaching out (to) Bengaluru city police who asked us to single-handedly hold all those four drunkards till they reach the scene. Well, I hope I had the superpowers to do that," he wrote. 

According to Nandkumar, a large crowd watched the incident as mute spectators, ignoring the fact that a girl was harassed by some drunk men.

He further wrote: "Today, I'm really ashamed to be called an Indian as India has become a place where our mothers and sisters are not even safe to get out of their houses. While an 8-year-old girl was raped in Kashmir, no other state in India is really safe for women (sic)."

The message, posted on Saturday, has since gone viral. The JB Nagar police are now trying to track down Nandkumar as well as the suspects.

A senior police officer said no complaint had been lodged with the JB Nagar police. He added that Nandakumar should approach the JB Nagar police or any senior police officer and file a complaint. Police learnt about the incident only on Monday and are investigating it, he added.

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