To beat summer heat, no canvassing in afternoon

Mayor and Congress candidate for CV Raman Nagar, R Sampath Raj.

The searing heat in Bengaluru is forcing Assembly election candidates to tweak their canvassing schedule. Many of them are canvassing in two phases — 8 am to noon and 4 pm to 10 pm — skipping the afternoon altogether. 

They utilise the four-hour break for getting feedback and organising strategic meetings to counter their rivals. 

A senior BJP leader contesting from the city starts his campaign around 7 am by visiting residential areas, parks and playgrounds. He winds up by noon and t then holds a brainstorming meeting with party workers. The second phase of his canvassing lasts from 5.30 pm to 8. 30 pm, according to his personal assistant. 

Beginning the campaign early also helps candidates meet voters before they leave for work. 

“If we go to voters’ homes at 9 am, the working class might not be available,” said the personal assistant of a Congress candidate.

Candidates are also conscious of their health this election season. They drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables to keep fit.

Mayor and Congress candidate for CV Raman Nagar, R Sampath Raj, starts his day by walking for five kilometres and working out in a gym. “I am a fitness freak. While canvassing, I prefer to eat only vegetarian food. I drink ragi malt for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are ragi mudde,” he said.

Almost all the candidates make sure to drink water and buttermilk to avoid the heat.  

Rajajinagar MLA, S Suresh Kumar, starts his day early in the morning by doing yoga and taking a walk. He drinks plenty of tender coconut water and eats a simple vegetarian food while canvassing, his close associate said.

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To beat summer heat, no canvassing in afternoon


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