Treated water for Iblur Lake after STP is ready

Treated water for Iblur Lake after STP is ready

Iblur lake will receive treated water soon, as the BBMP is planning to install Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

Iblur Lake is set to receive treated water soon as the BBMP is readying a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at the waterbody.

With the help of the concerned authorities, a group of like-minded individuals came together to revive the Iblur Lake a few years ago.

The group has been significant in turning the lake around from the verge of depletion. The collective was recently named the Iblur Environs Trust (IbEnT). 

IbEnT is a not-for-profit trust formed to manage the affairs of the lake. IbEnT volunteers reached out to neighbourhood apartment complexes for financial assistance to carry out some works in the lake. In a few weeks, the lake will have an STP that treats the water entering the waterbody from the drains along Sarjapur Road.

“Sewage from the Sarjapura Road drains used to directly enter the lake. Now, it will be diverted from the lake through a separate channel. By June 2019, a 250 KLD (Kilo Litres per Day) STP will feed the lake with treated water. We will also have toilets, drinking water facility and security in place by then,” said Naresh Sadasivan, a representative of the Iblur Lake Forum and Iblur Environs Trust.

According to Sadasivan, about 1500 truck loads of dried up sewage was removed from the lake in the past few weeks. “The lake bund has been constructed with walls of stone, new fencing is up, water inlets and outlets have been constructed,” he added.