Indiranagar residents to map trees

Indiranagar residents to map trees

The residents of Indiranagar will conduct tree census in the area during weekends, beginning from December 2. File photo

Members of ‘I Change Indiranagar’, a citizens’ forum, plan to conduct a tree census in the area much before the civic body could take up such activity across the city.

The residents will take up the drive during weekends, beginning from December 2.

With an aim to bring in an accountability for the number of trees the locality houses, the project involves mapping of trees in each street.

“Most of the trees that we see today were planted decades ago when the layout was formed. However, there is no account of the number of trees existing, and that which have been axed or fallen down. The census will collaborate all such data,” said Sneha Nandihal, president, BM Kaval Resident’s Welfare Association.

“It all began after we witnessed incidents where a tree fell on a motorist, injuring several people, and also building owners appealing to the civic body to axe trees for construction purposes or to put up hoardings, where the
Palike had indeed given permission to chop them,” recalls Sneha.

The project would involve 10 volunteers, who will identify trees on every street, its location and assess the health. They will also record details such as the girth, height, locating the species and so on.

After gathering data, if a tree requires immediate medical attention, the volunteers will help in fulfilling those needs.

“We are taking the help of Gubbi Labs, a research organisation working towards sustainable ecosystems, for the project. Some students from a local college will also be involved,” said Kannan A S, another member of the forum.

When asked why the residents are taking up the activity independently even though the civic body would soon take up the drive, Sneha said: “This is an independent activity we have been planning for a long time. We would be happy to share the information gathered with the civic body.”