Infosys internship in its 20th year

Infosys internship in its 20th year

Infosys' internship, InStep completes 20 years in 2019.

Out of the 17,000-odd applications the IT giant receives every year, about a hundred qualify for internships. This year, about 140 students were picked from across the world.

N R Narayana Murthy, founder, said the idea was conceived as the focus shifted towards recruiting from varied cultures, to attract youngsters.

"We have had interns whom we could learn from. While taking the electric vehicle in the campus, I met this girl and asked her if she could convert the vehicle into a solar powered one. Within 60 days, she had a model ready," recalled Murthy.

There are 2,200 InStep alumni from 300 different universities across the world, according to U B Pravin Rao, COO, Infosys.

The programme has received several international awards, Rao said. 

"37 patents were filed from InStep. Infosys has had over 22 research collaborations, and has published 61 case studies," Rao added.

The tech giant recruited over 2,000 students over the last 18 months, which includes students from 45 countries.

While most students are from tech background, there are others from streams like liberal arts. According to the data provided to DH by Infosys, 70% of the students are from a tech background, 20% from business and liberal arts students make up 10%. 57 InStep interns were made full-time offers.