It's autonomy over students at arts and science college

It's autonomy over students at arts and science college

The autonomous status granted to government colleges in Bengaluru is turning out to be a nightmare for students passing out with various degrees.

During postgraduate admissions, students, unaware of the autonomous quota at Bangalore University, are crying foul that this particular quota is depriving them of opportunities.

In 2015-16, BU awarded autonomous status to the Government Arts and Science College and Home Science College. Students graduating from these colleges, now under the Bengaluru Central University, are being considered for admissions to master degree programmes only through the autonomous quota.

According to students of the Government Arts and Science College, the autonomous quota is not doing justice to them. Even in the autonomous quota, they say the roster system is not being followed. “All the students in this college are from economically weaker sections. We didn’t know how this quota would affect us. Most students were not even aware of the prominence of the autonomous quota during admission. Now, when we are appearing for admissions, we have been told about this quota. There are limited seats under the autonomous quota.

“We would like to bring to the notice of the university administration that giving autonomous status to private institutions is different from granting it to government colleges,”  Narendra, a student of the arts and science college said.

The autonomous quota is now being implemented at the Bengaluru Central University and Bengaluru North University, which were bifurcated from BU.

Dr K Ramakrishna Reddy, former principal of the Government Arts and Science College, said they were not aware the move would affect poor students. “The reason for granting autonomy is to improve the quality of education and the college is free to conduct exams on its own. This doesn’t mean they can do injustice to the poor and talented students. Students who study in private autonomous institutions will not even consider these universities. However, students from government institutions do because of the fee structure.”