Kannadigas wage Twitter battle over jobs for locals

Kannadigas wage Twitter battle over jobs for locals


Pro-Kannada organisations on Saturday began a Twitter campaign demanding preference for locals in jobs on the lines of a similar campaign in Tamil Nadu.

Recently in Tamil Nadu, a campaign #TamilNaduJobsforTamils demanding giving priority to locals over migrants in job recruitment generated quite a buzz.

The neighbouring state’s campaign roused pro-Kannada organisations, which called for similar ‘Tweetathon’. Heeding the call, Kannadigas began #KarnatakaJobsForKannadigas and ensured it was trending from Friday night.  

The campaign intends to garner at least 4-6 million tweets compared with #TamilNaduJobsforTamils, which had got 37.3K tweets.

“When companies are given permission, preference in jobs should be given to locals. Precious land is given to these companies. We are not demanding reservation, but we are asking for priority. We came across some incidents which pointed to discrimination. Hence a campaign like this is needed,” Yashwanth Gowda, a resident of Raja Rajeshwarinagar told DH.

The tweetathon also got support from Kannada actor Ajay Krishna Rao, who requested people to support the campaign.

Beside jobs, a few twitterati also demanded conducting entrance exams for various departments in Kannada as well. A twitter user said there were very few locals in railways. “Jobs over there seem to be only meant for Tamilians and North Indians who speak Hindi. Why is preference not given to Kannadigas? At least in Karnataka, let them recruit locals,” tweeted Vittal. 

The campaign also drew the attention of Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy. “I have observed that the youth from our state has started a campaign demanding the jobs created in Karnataka should be given for Kannadigas. I would take the legal opinion in this matter and ensure the rights of Kannadigas,” he tweeted.