Lalbagh lake gets colourful with water lily plants

Lalbagh lake gets colourful with water lily plants

The Horticulture Department will create an artificial waterfall to rejuvenate the lake in Lalbagh and beautify the waterbody with the idea of drawing more visitors. 

“We have introduced nymphaea plants, instead of lotus. This is the first time we have done it and it is showing results,” said M Jagadeesh, Joint Director, Horticulture Department, Lalbagh. 

Nymphaeas (water lilies) are preferred over lotus because they are less vigorous and easy to maintain. Over 150 plants of 40 varieties in five different colours will be introduced into the lake. 

The Department began introducing Nymphaeas two months ago and will continue with the project for another couple of months. Visitors to the garden will find the lake resplendent with the colourful plants, which were grown in the Department’s nurseries. 

Even as it enhances the lake’s beauty, the Department is also setting up a viewing deck on the lines of Mandya’s Gaganachukki waterfalls. Jagadeesh said the 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide viewing deck is made near the bridge and retention wall of the lakes. Putting up a tall viewing deck is also to allow visitors the glimpse of the area’s biodiversity, especially of the wetlands surrounding the waters. The wetland is home to several bird species that include the migratory variety seen roosting there most times of the year.  The department is also planning to install a telescope on the deck for better viewing and is in discussions on where to get one.