Land sharks eye Seegehalli Lake

Land sharks eye Seegehalli Lake

A mound of debris dumped on the Seegehalli Lake. This picture was taken on Monday.

People living around Seegehalli Lake in eastern Bengaluru fear the worst as debris and garbage are being dumped on the waterbody every day. 

The 31.25-acre lake, off the Bengaluru-Tirupati highway, receives debris and garbage day and night. Land sharks are also on the prowl. A part of the lake was encroached upon over the past year. A road now passes through the lakebed while sheet barricades have also come up. Locals have no clue about what’s happening. 

Rakesh V G, a resident of Seegehalli, says trucks arrive at night and dump mud and debris on the lake. “We fear land sharks are trying to grab the lake,” he adds.

During the day, auto-rickshaws and tippers dump the garbage and light fire to it, polluting the air. “People living in a nearby apartment are suffering from health problems,” Rakesh says. 

Another resident, Praveen Kumar, says: “I bought a flat near the lake 10 years ago. When we moved here, it was a beautiful lake which is now being converted into a dumping yard.” 

Residents may go to cops

Residents are planning to file a complaint with the police if the authorities do not take action. “We will fight against lake encroachment,” he adds. 

KR Puram MLA Byrathi Basavaraj dismissed residents’ allegations. “There has been no encroachment on the lake. Garbage is dumped not on the lake, but on the roadside. I have personally taken action in this matter. Still, if there are illegal activities, I will take serious action,” he promised.