Law Digest with 40,000 judgments of SC, HC

Law Digest with 40,000 judgments of SC, HC

Advocates and judges will not have to go through volumes of books to refer a specific judgement of the Karnataka High Court or the Supreme Court anymore.

The ready reckoner: Complete Law Digest of Supreme Court and Karnataka Cases 2010(3) - 2018 (2); in seven volumes, is available to them now. 

Speaking at the book release function, Karnataka High Court Justice K N Phaneendra said: “This book will facilitate faster delivery of judgements by helping advocates and judges. It is a ready reckoner for referring major judgements passed by the Supreme court and the Karnataka HC“.

The book was released by Justice S N Satyanarayana of the Karnataka High Court. The function was hosted by The Advocates’ Association and Lawyers' Law Book, Bengaluru.

40K verdicts

The digest is a compilation of over 40,000 judgements of the Supreme Court and the Karnataka High Court. Its features include indexes that help people refer judgements pertaining to a subject; passed during a specific year.

The book is edited by H V Nagaraja Rao and his son N Raghavendra Rao and published by G V Murthy of Lawyers' Law Book.

Four volumes of the book were released on Tuesday. They include Volume 9,10, 11 and 12--which is a compilation of seven volumes of verdicts.

Easy search

Earlier, advocates had to search through many volumes of law digests containing judgments from across the country, to find a specific judgement.

But, in this consolidated book, all judgements specific to the Apex court and the Karnataka HC spanning eight years, will help an advocate to find the judgements easily.” said Advocate Rajendra.

“One can find judgements pertaining to civil, criminal and allied subjects spanning ten years. The book is meticulously researched. It especially pertains to Constitutional matters both of state and Supreme Court. This book is a great help to everyone, opined Advocate Amrutesh.