Leopard enters house in Tumakuru

Leopard enters house in Tumakuru

Leopard enters house in Tumakuru

Retired KSRTC employee Ranganath had an unusual guest at his house in Jayanagar in Tumakuru on Saturday morning. As he opened the door expecting his son, a wild leopard barged in, much to his shock.

Showing presence of mind, Ranganath managed to ensure that his wife Vanajakshi and daughter-in-law Vinutha locked themselves in the bathroom while he ran out of the house and locked it from the outside.

Tension gripped the entire area as the forest department began an operation to catch the big cat, with huge crowds climbing on to neighbouring buildings to get a good view.

After 11 hours, the police and forest department officials managed to tranquillise the big cat, which was then released into the forest.
Govindaraj, a forest department official, suffered scratches on his back during the operation.

The operation was preceded by a drama. Vanajakshi and Vinutha, who were stuck in the bathroom, had to be brought out by breaking open a portion of the bathroom wall.

According to the police, a few locals spotted the big cat near the Jayanagar police station at around 8 am. Soon, the police and the forest officials began to look for it at a construction site.

The leopard jumped out of the building around 9 am and ran towards Ranganath's house. Ranganath was reading a newspaper, while Vinutha was watching TV and Vanajakshi was having a shower. As he heard a noise at the door, Ranganath opened it. "I thought it was my son and daughter-in-law as they drop their son at home before leaving for work," Ranganath told DH. The leopard rushed in.