Ban phosphate in detergents to save lakes: experts

Ban phosphate in detergents to save lakes: experts

Karnataka Senior Engineers Forum Captain Raja Rao speaks about frothing lakes in the city on Sunday.

Engineers and experts urged the government to expedite the work on restoring Bellandur Lake and immediately ban the use of phosphate in detergents to save waterbodies.

Noting that the government has been dragging its feet in cleaning up Bellandur and lakes, Karnataka Senior Engineers Forum chairman Captain Raja Rao said the National Green Tribunal's monitoring committee headed by Justice Santhosh Hegde should be given full powers to oversee the rejuvenation project.

He was speaking at an event on 'Solution to the environmental problems (foaming) of Bellandur and Varthur lakes' here on Sunday.

"The rate of active ingredients in detergent products in India is higher than prescribed by the regulatory bodies. A complete ban on phosphate in detergents will simplify the process of sewage treatment. The lake is oversilted and is choking with water hyacinths due to the untreated nutrient-rich sewage directed into it. If revived, it can be developed for public benefit," Rao, a former secretary of Minor Irrigation and Environment Departments, said.

Stressing on the need to desilt the waterbody, Rao said the suitability of the material for various uses has to be assessed by a laboratory.

"The task involved is very huge and requires the active involvement of various departments," he said, adding that rejuvenation of the lake was essential to restore the quality of life of the residents along the KC Valley.