Bengalureans lament destruction of green cover

Bengalureans lament destruction of green cover

 'Silver Trumpet' tree near MG statue park, MG Road in Bengaluru. DH Photo by S K Dinesh

In the season of blooming, when everybody is sharing photographs of flowering trees in their neighbourhood on social media, there is a large section of people who are concerned about how new projects like the elevated corridor will contribute to the destruction of the remaining green cover of the city.

"Through the generations, people have been contributed to maintaining the green cover of the city. Now destroying the trees for projects such as elevated corridor is really depressing," says Srinivas Alavilli, member of Citizens for Bengaluru.

"At least with the Metro, thousands of commuters were helped even though trees were felled. But the elevated corridor can only accommodate cars," he says.

A few nature lovers, who shared the photographs of the season’s blooms on their Facebook walls, felt that "It is important to contain the city's development and spread out more evenly without losing out its greenery".

"As we see people sharing pictures of trees and flowers they have clicked with love and affection, it is so ironic that we also get to see trees in public spaces being cut down," adds Srinivas.

"It is our responsibility to protect the green cover. If not, what will we leave for our future generations," he asks.

With the spring coming early this year the flowering trees in Bengaluru are in full bloom.

Now it is the time for the 'Silver Trumpet' tree!

In Bengaluru, there are many Silver Trumpet trees, which are mostly found in old Bengaluru areas like Jayanagar, Rajajinagar, Basavanagudi etc.

A native of South America 'Tabebuia Argentea' (yellow flowers) is commonly known as the Silver Trumpet tree. The fluorescent yellow flowers are trumpet-shaped with some species having double-layered petals.

"The flowering season starts from February and will be on till April. These trees will be in a vegetative for almost 11 years," says M Jagadeesh, Joint Director of the Lalbagh Botanical Garden’s Horticulture Department.

A Silver Trumpet, planted in Lalbagh Botanical Garden by former prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru during his visit to the city, is in full bloom and it is thanks to the efforts of the Horticulture Department.

“With the help of tree surgeries and regular pruning, we are able to keep the plant growth in check and maintain the shape. Also, with the help of a good canopy balance these trees can survive for 50-60 years,” Jagadeesh adds.

The tree provides good shade and attracts everyone with its bright yellow blooms. It is surely an attention-getter.

Vijay Nishanth, environmentalist and 'tree doctor', shared the pictures of the 'Silver Trumpet' tree on his Facebook wall saying "Bengaluru streets holds this beautyeverywheree in summer.[sic]" 

Nature lovers hope to see the 'Silver Trumpet' in full bloom the next spring too!

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