BIAL urges apartments not to evict airport employees

BIAL urges apartments not to evict airport employees

Hari Marar, CEO & MD, BIAL. (DH Photo)

Landlords of airport staff are asking them to vacate their residences due to fears that they would spread the deadly Covid-19 disease among the community.

Though KIA has shut down passenger operations, it continues to handle cargo flights for which the airport needs to maintain a certain level of critical manpower, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) managing director and CEO Hari Marar said in a letter to the general secretary of the Bangalore Apartments Federation.

“Cargo operations continue to ensure that people across the country are able to receive their essential commodities like medicines, medical equipment and kits, and household parcels, among others. Besides this, relief aircraft and evacuation flights are also operating from the airport on a need basis,” Marar said.

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But airport staff and ground crew who ensure continued operations say people in their neighbourhood, gripped by the fear of Covid-19 outbreak, ostracise them due to their nature of work.

“The past few days have proven extremely difficult for some of the staff working in the airport ecosystem making their way to the airport. While on one hand they have borne the brunt of villages and communities, on the other hand, they are being ostracised at their homes. “Landlords and communities have been asking them to leave their houses and apartments. Since their jobs are at the airport, they are seen as potential carriers of this virus.” BIAL has appealed to the residents welfare associations to stop evicting airport workers.