British envoy attends Remembrance Day mass

British envoy attends Remembrance Day mass

British Deputy High Commissioner Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford at the Remembrance Day mass at St Mark’s Cathedral in the city on Sunday. British Council

Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford, British Deputy High Commissioner, attended Remembrance Day mass at St Mark’s Cathedral, commemorating Armistice Day, which signified the end of World War I.

Pilmore-Bedford was invited to read a portion of the order of service to the congregation. “Last year marked 100 years since Armistice Day and we held a series of events to commemorate the contribution of the Indian Armed Forces in World War I,” he said. “Remembrance is our opportunity as a society to recognise the sacrifice made by all service personnel on all our behalf.” 

Over 1.3 million Indian service personnel fought in theatres across Europe, West Asia and East Africa during World War I, followed by 2.3 million Indian servicemen in World War II, making the Indian contribution one of the largest in the Commonwealth and the most
widespread in both wars.

Joining Pilmore-Bedford in the wreath-laying ceremony were his wife Amanda; Corin Wilson, first secretary, Advanced Engineering, Department for International Trade; Canadian consul general; senior Indian defence personnel; and police commissioner Bhaskar Rao.