Civic workers get pay slips but riddled with errors

Civic workers get pay slips but riddled with errors

Following years of struggle, the BBMP is now issuing pay slips to the pourakarmikas, but the process is not entirely without discrepancies.

Workers led by the All India Central Council of Trade Unions (AICCTU) Karnataka have pressed for pay slips from Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) for several years as government servants are mandated to receive pay slips.

Until 2017, the BBMP did not feel compelled to issue pay slips as contractors directly paid the pourakarmikas  by cash. Pay slip, however, is now needed for various things, especially since money is credited to their bank accounts.

“Pay slips make the pourakarmikas authentic, giving them the feeling that they truly belong to the BBMP (government),” AICCTU-Karnataka secretary Appanna PP said. “Moreover, they can use pay slips for banking purposes.”

Appanna alleged that pay slips are issued irregularly in some wards. “They’re not given unless the pourakarmika asks,” he said.

BBMP officials said the civic body has been issuing pay slips only from June and it is addressing inconsistencies.

Pourakarmikas are also finding issues with the components of the pay slip. “It mentions only the days absent and not days worked. This’s creating confusion over salary deduction and why they were done,” Appanna said.

Pourakarmikas said the biometric system is one of the reasons for salary deduction.

“The biometric system doesn’t work sometimes. In a ward I work, there hasn’t been a biometric system for the past six days. If our attendance isn’t entered, obviously our salaries will be deducted,” said a pourakarmika who wished to be anonymous. Every pourakarmika approximately takes home Rs 12,000 for 26 days worked.

“Changes to the components in the salary slips can be made. That’s no problem. The BBMP will do whatever is favourable for the pourakarmikas,” a top BBMP official said.  

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