Every fifth Indian has hypertension, shows study

Every fifth Indian has hypertension, shows study


One in five Indian adults suffers from hypertension, shows a study presented at the 70th annual conference of the Cardiological Society of India (CSI).

Despite the risks, however, the condition has been ignored as it is very common these days owing to lifestyle, work pattern and food manners, say doctors.

Once afflicting only the elderly, high blood pressure now affects even children, according to doctors.

According to Narayana Health City doctors, hypertension is a silent killer as it is one of the few conditions that are asymptomatic and age agnostic.

While there are no comprehensive data on the incidence of hypertension, medical practitioners across the globe indicate that four out of every 10 adults have high blood pressure. Only 50% are aware of the condition.

If not treated, hypertension has the potential to damage other organs. It can lead to heart attack, various cardiovascular ailments, kidney failure etc. Sedentary lifestyle, salt and fat-rich diet, alcohol as well as tobacco consumption are the key factors causing the condition.

The key to managing hypertension is to prevent, pre-empt and protect that is by following an active and healthy lifestyle so that the onset and the impact of the condition are reduced.

Dr Shylaja Shyamsunder, Consultant, Internal Medicine, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, said to prevent hypertension, one should make the right lifestyle modifications.

“Reduce weight, if you happen to be overweight. Consult a dietician. Dietary approaches to stop hypertension diet is commonly prescribed to fight hypertension.

Engage in regular physical activity and also monitor blood pressure levels at home. Consult a physician regularly for appropriate medication and adjustments,” the doctor advised.