For the most special person in one's life

For the most special person in one's life

Mother's Day

Of course, treating one’s mother to flowers, gifts or vacation on this special day is simply great. On a different note, a volunteer-driven organisation is taking a step towards social transformation.

Being Social - Ek Nayi Shuruwaat, is nurturing a special bond between orphans and mothers, left to survive in an old age home in the city.

The organisation will also deliver heartfelt letters to mothers whose children are away from home. 

Speaking about the initiative, Praveen from Being Social - Ek Nayi Shuruwaat, said: “Mother is the most special individual in a person’s life. But there are mothers whose children have abandoned them despite all their sacrifices. We wanted to make the day special for those mothers by making them feel wanted and loved.”

Over 100 volunteers along with orphans and children of single parents will come together to make the day special for mothers at the Omashram, an old age home in JP Nagar. 

“The day will begin with introduction of the volunteers and children, followed by applying henna on the hands of the mothers. Thereafter, we will have entertainment sessions wherein the volunteers will sing and play music. We will also gift goodies to senior citizens,” explains Praveen.

Speaking about the letters to mothers, he says the social initiative received heartfelt mothers’ day messages from people across the country, who are away from their mothers.

“Our volunteer, Swati Saras, has designed handmade greeting cards, writing heartwarming letters. We will be sending the cards and letters to the mothers,” adds Praveen.

The organisation has a Facebook page for those interested in the initiative to get in touch.