Management institute initiates Vision: Zero Plate Waste

Eating wise


Newly inducted students at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) are learning about the importance of not wasting food, along with regular lessons in management.

Considering the amount of food wasted daily at the campus, the IIMB has started the initiative, Vision: Zero Plate Waste, from the current academic year to end food wastage.

The students admitted for the 2019-20 academic year took a pledge at an awareness session on the same during the induction programme. 

To create awareness, the IIMB has put up posters, most at canteens, messes and other eateries across the campus.

“The idea is to reduce food wastage and to encourage students to consume what they have on their plates,” IIMB director professor G Raghuram said. 

“It is important for everyone to be conscious of what is served on their plates. Tasting the food before serving is crucial because some might not like certain foods. So, instead of serving and wasting, one should have a taste and first,” mentioned Raghuram.

According to Raghuram, the idea was under discussion from the previous academic year. But the institute decided to implement it this year after discussions with various clubs, hostels and with not-for-profit organisations working to tackle food wastage. 

“I must say one should be extra cautious while attending an event and having food there. Rather than blaming those who serve the food saying s/he had served more, one should be cautious. We want students to rationalise what they take on their plate. Although they commit to it, they will have to factor in the long line and ensure they come back for a second serving if they want to,” added Raghuram.

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