Obese mother gives birth to healthy baby

Obese mother gives birth to healthy baby

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In one of the unusual cases, a 34-year-old woman weighing 120 kgs delivered a healthy baby at a city hospital recently.

According to the Rainbow Children's Hospital doctors treating her, being obese and above 30 years age during pregnancy can have a major impact on both the mother and the baby's health. Risks of miscarriage, stillbirth, recurrent miscarriage, gestational diabetes and other complications are also high.

Husna was weighing 112 kg when she visited the hospital in her 5th month. The doctors suggested her a diet and prenatal exercises which she strictly followed. When she went into labour, she weighed 120 kg. She had to undergo an emergency C-section. An able team of doctors helped her to deliver a healthy baby weighing 3.3kg.

Both the mother and the child left hospital hale and healthy," the doctors said.