Odeya’s grand opening, a hat-trick of hits for Darshan

Odeya’s grand opening, a hat-trick of hits for Darshan

Challenging Star Darshan starrer Odeya had a sensational opening on Thursday, giving rise to hopes that the actor could be celebrating a hat-trick of successes this year.

The remake of 2014-Tamil hit Veeram has been released in more than 150 single-screens along with multiplex theatres.

Reports say most of the single-screens in and outside the city saw packed houses on the first day and expected to sustain the momentum through the weekend.

Odeya follows the box-office successes of Yajamana and Munirathna’s Kurukshetra this year.

Darshan’s punch dialogues in the action thriller have already made a buzz in social media.

The movie’s sensational opening has prompted a Gandhinagar film distributor to predict an above-average box office business, though it would be a while for producer Sandesh N to release the official box office figures.

Odeya’s large ensemble cast includes Yashas, Pankaj S Narayan, Niranjan, Samarth, Ravi Shankar, Devaraj, Sadhu Kokila, Chikkanna, and Avinash.