Pregnant woman on train to Delhi delivers girl child

Pregnant woman on train to Delhi gets miraculous help, delivers girl child

Representative image. (Credit: Pixabay)

A pregnant woman travelling to New Delhi got miraculous help from a doctor on board who came to her rescue in the last minute and aided safe delivery of the child.

Fozia, the 25-year-old pregnant woman, left Bengaluru on Friday and was travelling to New Delhi with her husband Arshad and two other relatives.

Around 4 am, travelling ticket examiner (TTE) for the B2 coach Pankaj Jha was alerted that the woman has developed labor pain. He immediately alerted S Ravi and Ravi Ranjan Kumar, the two other TTEs on the train to find solution for the situation.

"I called the control rooms in New Delhi and Bengaluru. The railways made immediate arrangements for delivery at Agra station. However, the woman refused to step down from the train stating that she can wait till they reach New Delhi, where they had made hospital arrangements," S Ravi told DH.

Travelling Ticket Examiners S Ravi, Ravi Ranjan Kumar, Pankaj Jha.

However, in the next one hour, it became clear that they may not be able to wait till Delhi. The news spread through the train as the TTEs ran around to find help for the distressed woman.

"It was nothing less than a miracle when a woman passenger introduced herslef as a doctor and came forward to help Fozia. With the help of co-passengers, she swung into action and administered injection to the pregnant woman. There was a calm in the entire coach the moment she took over," Ravi said.

Around 5.30 am, Fozia delivered a girl child when the train was near Faridabad just an hour before the train reached Delhi with the doctor stating that both mother and child were doing fine. "Normally, when passengers book trains, they register their profession. This doctor might have forgotten it in her hurry, hence in our passenger entry system we didn't see a doctor. We did not get to talk to her later," Ravi said.

Bengaluru Divisional Railway Manager Ashok Kumar Verma said, "We face many challenging situations. In one such incident our staff arranged safe delivery with the help of co-passengers."

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