Rajinikanth’s visit lures thousands to Apollo Hospital

Rajinikanth’s visit lures thousands to Apollo Hospital

Super Star Rajinikanth visits his brother at Apollo Hospitals Sheshadripuram. Sathyanarayana Rao Gaikwad, 77 years of age, brother of actor Rajinikanth was presented with severe osteoarthritis in the knee. He underwent a bilateral knee replacement surgery

Thousands thronged the Apollo Hospitals in Seshadripuram to catch a glimpse of actor Rajinikanth, who visited the hospital to meet his brother Satyanarayana Gaekwad.

Gaekwad (77) had knee replacement surgery at the hospital around 4 pm. A rather usual Wednesday afternoon turned hectic for the hospital staff, who struggled to manage the swelling crowd.

“Thousands (of fans) rushed in. Some held his hand and cried, while others wanted to take a selfie with him. The hospital wanted to keep his visit confidential, but the news spread within minutes and the crowd swelled,” said Dr Kiran Chouka, orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital.

Doctors said Gaekwad is doing well after having surgery to both his knees. They said he was able to walk post-replacement. “He was barely able to walk a few metres. He’ll be able to walk about five kilometres in two months,” Dr Chouka said.