Six-year-old becomes first reported eye injury case

Six-year-old becomes first reported eye injury case

A six-year-old child was admitted to Minto Ophthalmic Hospital after he injured his eyes while bursting crackers.

Hailing from Ananthapur in Andhra Pradesh, the child was in the city to celebrate Deepavali. The injury occurred as he watched someone fire a Bijli cracker at his relative’s place in Vadrapalli near Mylasandra, hospital authorities said.

This is the first case of eye injury during Deepavali. Doctors said the boy suffered the injury at 11 am and was brought to hospital only at 4 pm on Saturday.

“His right eye is normal. It is the left eye that is affected. There was poor and guarded prognosis. He has been admitted for management,” said Dr Sujatha Rathod of Minto Opthalmic Hospital.

She said the retained intraocular foreign body, of vitreous heamorrhage, will be removed, and the reattachment surgery under general anaesthesia will be performed.