Tension over 'drunk' police tow truck driver

Tension over 'drunk' police tow truck driver

Tension prevailed on Rajkumar Road in Rajajinagar on Saturday morning with people blocking the road alleging that the driver of a police vehicle towing away wrongly parked vehicles was drunk.

The group soon swelled, blocking traffic. Some of them started filming the policeman and the driver in the tow truck.

The ASI who was in the truck informed the police control room after which one KSRP platoon arrived at the spot to handle the situation and prevent its escalation. In all, 30 policemen were deployed at the spot to maintain order.

A large number of people who accused the of highhandedness were also furious over the recent increase in fines, a senior police officer said.

A breathalyser test on the driver proved to be negative, police said.