Thousands attend Laughter Yoga record attempt

Thousands attend Laughter Yoga record attempt

In an attempt to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records, thousands of students participated in a Laughter Yoga event on Saturday in the city. The event was organised by Greens Innvovator in association with The Associated Management of Private Un-Aided English Medium School in Karnataka (KAMS).

The morning saw National High School grounds filled with 3,000 enthusiastic students.

The show was led by Laughter Yoga practitioner Rangalakshmi Srinivas in the city. What they call a form of exercise in Laughter Yoga, students formed a human chain patting on the other person’s back. This is known as appreciation exercise in Laughter Yoga, according to the organisers.

The organisers said that this form of yoga gives students flexibility, higher immunity towards diseases and increased stamina. Rangalakshmi also said that the attempt was to reach India Book of Records.

She said that as the motto is to keep people happy. Laughter Yoga is being included in the school curriculum, she said and added that so far, 116 countries have it as part of the syllabus, she added.