Volunteers to thank traffic cops for their service

Volunteers to thank traffic cops for their service

Volunteers played musical instruments to entertain the traffic policemen as a mark of gratitude for their service last year.

A group of Bengalureans will come together to extend their gratitude to the traffic policemen in the city on Saturday.

The volunteers will express their gratitude to the policemen at the Adugodi police station for their relentless efforts in traffic management despite the burning sun and lashing rains.

“Last year, inspired by their service, I wanted to do something for our traffic policemen. This led to this ‘Gratitude’ initiative, wherein we extend our gratitude to our traffic policemen by thanking them, giving them a card and playing musical instruments for them,” said Amrutha Reddy, who conceptualised the initiative.

“We have the support of the traffic wardens. We will meet the traffic policemen at the Sony signal junction and the Forum signal junction near Koramangala at non-peak hours of the day when there is less traffic,” added Amrutha, who is also a part of iVolunteer, a non-profit organisation that has supported the initiative.

“We wanted to take some time from our hectic lives to extend our gratitude towards these superheroes who stand on the tip of their toes ready to safeguard our lives on the busy roads,” Amrutha added

She further said: “We honk our way through the overflowing traffic to reach our destinations while these heroes stand in sun or rain, be it windy or a great pain to make us reach our destinations safely. They deserve a lot more than just tinges of praise for their laudable job .”