Lynching case: Police say victim ‘mentally ill’

Lynching case: Police say victim ‘mentally ill’

Kalu Ram

A day after the family of a lynch victim charged that kidney racket was behind the killing, the police continued to ignore the claim and instead, branded the victim as “mentally ill.”

Even before the police established any contact with the family of the victim Kalu Ram, City Police Commissioner T Suneel Kumar announced that the deceased was mentally ill and was killed because “he was roaming around the area suspiciously.”

“Kalu Ram was a tile-laying worker. He was roaming around the area suspiciously and people thought that he was a child kidnapper and lynched him. There is no kidney racket behind it, but if his family files a complaint in this regard, the police will investigate that angle, too,” said Kumar.

The police have neither established where Ram stayed in the city nor traced his sim card. Despite publication of the details of a kidney racket by DH, the police are yet to take the family’s version seriously.

DH contacted Kalu Ram’s brother Sona Ram, a native of Nimaj village in Rajasthan’s Pali district. He said his brother repeatedly told him about some criminals confining him and trying to take his kidneys. A day before he was lynched, Kalu, in fact, had told his brother that “it may well be his last call.”

Kalu’s cousin and neighbour in Nimaj, Pradeep Ram, expressed anguish over the investigation and asked how can the police downplay the alleged involvement of a kidney racket. “It was a brutal attack by the people of Karnataka and police are not even bothered to investigate it properly,” he said.