Man attacks wife with screwdriver in marital row

Man attacks wife with screwdriver in marital row

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A man allegedly attacked his wife with a screwdriver over a marital row at their house in Bandepalya.

On hearing the screams, the owner of the house rescued the woman and filed a complaint against the man.

Sudha M, a resident of Bandepalya, has filed a complaint against her tenant Saleem (38), a garments employee, for attacking his wife Naziya (32).

On Sunday, around 7 am, Sudha heard the noise of someone crying for help. After coming out of the house, she noticed that cries were coming from the second floor of her building. She went there and knocked on the door. But there was no immediate response. After some time, when the door was opened, Sudha found Naziya’s hands and legs were tied, and Saleem was stabbing her with a screwdriver.

Sudha tried to stop him and asked why he was trying to kill her. Saleem reportedly told Sudha that Naziya had told that she was planning to elope with someone and that he did not want to spare her.

With the neighbours’ help, she rushed severely injured Naziya to a hospital.

An investigating officer said they would often fighting over marital row.