Man kills 'unwanted' 20-day-old baby girl


A Nepalese man beat his 20-day-old baby girl so hard that she was dead within minutes, the police said. The suspect’s wife alleged he appeared “very upset” that she had delivered a baby girl. 

Gokul, a 21-year-old swimming pool cleaner, picked a fight with his wife, Bule (20), before brutally assaulting the infant, Kapita. He hit the baby repeatedly before banging her against the wall. The incident occurred in the couple’s home in Muniswamappa Layout in Subbannapalya, East Bengaluru, around 8 pm on Thursday. 

Horrified by the murderous assault, the neighbours called the jurisdictional Banaswadi police, who rushed to the spot and took the child to a hospital, but it was too late. Gokul was arrested soon after on murder charges.

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