Man lends friend car, gets killed when he wants it back

Man lends friend car, gets killed when he wants it back

Lending a car to a friend turned fatal for a 26-year-old man in a western Bengaluru suburb, police said. 

Varun K, a resident of Sachidananda Nagar near Kengeri Satellite Town, had lent his car to a friend named Ravi, from Hosa Guddadahalli, off Mysuru Road. Ravi used the car as collateral for a loan. Varun learnt about it three days ago and he demanded the car back, leading to a fight. 

On Monday night, Ravi called Varun to a bar near his house, saying he wants to settle the matter. Varun reached there around 10.30 pm. Both the men got drunk but Varun hadn't forgotten about the car. He called him out for cheating and asked him to return it. The altercation turned into a full-blown fight. The bar staff intervened and sent the men out. 

Once out of the bar, the men started fighting again. In a fit of rage, Ravi took out a knife and stabbed Varun. As passersby rushed to Varun's rescue, Ravi fled from the spot. Varun later died in a hospital owing to severe bleeding. 

The jurisdictional Byatarayanapura police have opened a case and are hunting for Ravi.