Man morphs estranged wife pic, uploads on escort site

Man morphs estranged wife pic, uploads on escort site

Picture for representation only

A 32-year-old man was so blinded by acrimony and rage over his failed marriage that he morphed a picture of his estranged wife and put it on a website of a female escort service. He didn’t forget to mention her contact number, too. 

What followed was a series of nightmares for the woman. Several people started calling her, showing interest in having sexual liaisons with her. She confided in a male friend, who approached the cybercrime police and filed a complaint. The police tracked down the suspect and booked him under the Information Technology Act. 

The suspect is Vinay, of Thirthahalli, Shivamogga district. He is a clerical staffer at a media house in Bengaluru. 

Vinay was living alone after separating from his wife following a marital discord. The two hadn’t divorced, though. He suspected that she was having an affair with a male friend. 

In order to take revenge, Vinay created a fake  account  in the name of his wife’s male friend and uploaded her morphed picture to the website. Separately, he also began to harass the family of his wife’s friend. Speaking anonymously, he told them he had all the dirt on that man.