Man murdered by friends for failing to repay Rs 2,000

Man murdered by friends for failing to repay Rs 2,000

Man murdered by friends for failing to repay Rs 2,000
A 20-year-old man was fatally stabbed by his friends when he failed to repay Rs 2,000. The incident occurred in KP Agrahara, west Bengaluru, on Sunday.

Nagaraj, a resident of KP Agrahara, had dropped out of school and was doing odd jobs. He borrowed Rs 2,000 from a friend, Kappe, last week and promised to repay it in a day.

But he failed to repay and started disconnecting his friend’s phone calls. The two later fought over the matter and Kappe asked Nagaraj to repay by Sunday. At 8.15 am, Kappe and his friends went to Nagaraj’s house to demand the money. Nagaraj took them out of the house.

Kappe remained adamant. Nagaraj also lost his cool and soon there was a full-blown argument. In a fit of rage, Kappe and his friends stabbed him several times and fled the spot.

As Nagaraj started bleeding profusely, his shocked family members took him to a hospital where he died around 4 pm. The jurisdictional KP Agrahara police said they were searching for Kappe and his friends.

Retd judge killed  
A retired metropolitan magistrate was killed when a car ran him over while he was crossing the busy Ballari Road in northern Bengaluru on Monday morning.

K Eshwar Bhat, 83, a resident of Judicial Layout, Allalasandra, was trying to cross the road to catch a bus around 10.15 am to go to the High Court. The car that was headed for the Kempegowda International Airport struck him.

He suffered grievous injuries and was rushed to a hospital but it was too late. The jurisdictional Yelahanka traffic police arrested the car driver, Vijay Kumar, 32, for reckless driving and seized his car.