Man stabs sister to death over affairs

Man stabs sister to death over affairs

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A 30-year-old man stabbed his sister to death over her alleged illicit relations. The victim, Sumaya Shahin (32), was a resident of Saraipalaya and worked as a teacher at a madrasa in the area. She has three children.

Her three brothers, including the suspect Ataullah, lived at different areas in the city, the police said. The incident happened at Sumaya’s house in Hennur around 3.30 am on Friday. Ataullah was arrested on a complaint filed by his brother Shatab, who reportedly witnessed the crime.

Ataullah, who is into the perfume business, lives in Soolibere on the outskirts of the city.

According to the police, he reached his sister’s house on Thursday night and picked a quarrel over her affairs after her husband’s death in an accident three years ago. Ataullah had on many occasions warned his sister. He had even threatened Sumaya's male friends to stop visiting her.

On Thursday night, he stabbed his sister in a fit of rage and fled. Sumaya died on the spot. Shatab witnessed the incident and informed the police. The Hennur police have arrested Ataullah and sent him to jail.