Matchmaking made easy for IIT, IIM grads

Matchmaking made easy for IIT, IIM grads

Matchmaking made easy for IIT, IIM grads

Matrimonial websites that help one find a suitable partner from the same community could be common. Now, a startup is offering to link only the alumni of premier institutes from across the world.

Having studied in an IIT or IIM, should a person hope to get a bride or groom who have graduated from similar institutes, 'IITIIMShaadi' is what they could consider. The portal entertains only those who have studied in the best known institutes of the world find a match.

Ajay Gupta, CEO, Alma Mater Matters Pvt Ltd a co-founder of the portal told DH that the idea originated when his family was looking to find a match for his nephew who studied at IIM, Bangalore.

“We understood that there were several options ahead of us. The well known websites did not seem to make sense as they had a sea of people. Our needs were specific as he wanted someone with the same education background," he said.

Dr Gupta then began speaking to others and started compiling data.
“We came to know that we were not the only people to have faced such challenge. A market research helped us know that many who had passed out of IITs and IIMs were considering only people who graduated from similar institutes. We then decided to take up the initiative," he added.

Select membership
The website says: “Fundamentally, we invite registration from alumni of top few Indian and global Institutions irrespective of the field of study.”

The portal is not restricted to those from the IITs and IIMs. Those from engineering, management, architecture, medicine, finance, law, fashion design, theater, media communication, psychology, sociology, music, dance, culinary arts, historic preservation, animal psychology could also apply provided they hold degrees from the best institutes.

The portal founders have put up a list of institutions in the eligibility criteria from which the users could choose. Even senior government officers are eligible to register.

Severe criticism
The co-founder added that they have come under severe criticism from a section of the society for introducing such a filter.

Dr Gupta said that close to 10% of their users are from abroad.

“Most of them who register are from south India. We have plenty from Bengaluru, Chennai and Andhra Pradesh, which sees a good number of students studying in these institutes," he said.

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