Men, more than women, love a date on V-Day: survey

Men, more than women, love a date on V-Day: survey

Matters of the heart


Sixty-five per cent of men would like to plan their first date on Valentine’s Day compared with just 50% of women, a survey conducted by an international dating service has found. 

To understand the trends around Valentine's Day, OkCupid carried out a survey that sought to know if and how men and women are celebrating Valentine's Day. The questions were introduced to match people based on the kind of romance they desire in their lives. 

The app's findings were surprising: men are more likely to indulge in Valentine's Day celebrations and are more open to the idea of romance than women. Not just that, 77% of men think they are the most romantic person they know. This figure for women was 65%. 

While the majority of respondents (58% of men and 53% of women) are okay either way, 40% of women and 33% of men want their partner to do something special on Valentine's Day. 

The survey also questioned respondents about the idea of a getaway on Valentine's Day. While 53% of men and 47% of women would choose a camping trip and love to plan a three-day romantic weekend with their significant other around Valentine's Day, just 23% of men and 17% of women would like to spend time cosying up at a fancy hotel. 

Almost as many men and women said they would give the relationship a second chance. Forty-eight per cent of men believe in second chances when it comes to romantic relationships and feel that it may work out in another time or place. Women are a little more practical, with 47% of them saying it totally depends on the relationship, the survey found.